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Everyone is laughing at this hilariously frustrating video game clip

Can't. Look. Away.

Everyone is laughing at this hilariously frustrating video game clip
25 January 2018

I’ll never forget the hardest game I ever played: Captain Planet and the Planeteers on the Amiga 500+.

Absolutely bloody hours I played that thing and, despite absolutely nailing Wheeler’s level - the lad who was good at fire - and saving the Ozone layer, I could only complete Gi’s level (water) by killing all the dolphins. The heart level (Ma-Ti) was absolutely bloody impossible as I managed to constantly fall to my death off massive trees, Linka’s level (wind) was a complete mystery and I don’t think I ever made it to Kwame’s level (Earth), let alone the Captain Planet end game.

Hours upon hours upon hours whacking that zipstick and I barely made it through half the game. It was just so difficult. Screw you Captain Planet, I hope global warming continues without delay, that’s what I say.

So I have a degree of empathy with Steve Noah, who discovered an absolutely insanely difficult level of a iOS game called TrapAdventure 2.

Like all the best games, it looks like it should be simple: an old-school platformer with graphics straight outta Lemmings, you have to avoid the spikes which will cause your untimely death, but where and when will the spikes appear?

Enough talking, just watch it and enjoy watching someone repeatedly, frustratingly, agonisingly fail. Over and over and over again. And just when you think they’ve worked it out: fail again.

To be fair, TrapAdventure 2 is billed as the ‘Hardest Retro Game on the App Store’: by the looks of it, they’re not lying.

Bet it’s not a patch on Captain Planet and the Planeteers though.