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Trailer revealed for new Netflix chiller: this is a must watch

It looks like a police procedural at first glance, but this is something else

Trailer revealed for new Netflix chiller: this is a must watch
Andrew Williams
13 October 2023

Netflix has released a new trailer for its upcoming crime drama Bodies, starring Stephen Graham, and we think it has a hook that will draw you in.

A body is found on the streets of London. It sounds like the classic setup of a plain old police procedural, right?

Well, in Bodies the same corpse is found across four time periods. In 2023. In 2053. In 1941. In 1890. “The bodies are identical.”

And where you might expect Graham to star as the lead investigator in the 2023 case, he actually plays Elias Mannix, a political figure who is the key to linking the four murders. Or is it one murder? Have a watch:

Anyway, we’re just as in the dark as you are as we haven’t read the source material on which Bodies is based.

Bodies is a graphic novel, first published in eight instalments in 2014 and 2015.

It was written by Si Spencer, who wrote for Torchwood, The Bill and Eastenders as well as for comic book series including Judge Dredd and Hellblazer.

Spencer sadly passed away in 2021, aged just 59.

Netflix’s Bodies adaptation is due out on October 19, and will be split into eight episodes just like the graphic novel.

The cast includes Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, Amaka Okafor, Shira Haas and Kyle Soller, who play the investigators in Bodies’s four time periods.

Its showrunner and lead screenwriter is Paul Tomalin, who previously did writing work on Torchwood, just like Bodies creator Si Spencer.

Directing duties are shared between Marco Kreuzpaintner and Haolu Wang, who are each credited with four episodes over at IMDb. Wang once directed an episode of Doctor Who, further extending those sci-fi universe connections, while Kreuzpaintner directed several episodes of 2022’s The Lazarus Project.