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Top Hair-Strengthening Products

Top Hair-Strengthening Products

Top Hair-Strengthening Products

Hair-strengthening products that will aid a thick, lustrous and healthy-looking mane

1. Create volume and add thickness to your hair in an instant with this dry finishing spray containing raw silk powders and light polymers to deliver fullness and texture.

Dryspun Finish Spray £21.50 for 150ml by BUMBLE & BUMBLE;

2. Cashmere proteins, aloe and coconut oil seal, condition and protect to reduce moisture loss.

Finishing Feed £24.50 for 40ml by MICHAEL VAN CLARKE;

3. Formulated with tumeric and ginseng to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles – massage in upon application to invigorate the scalp.

Scalp Revitalizer £43 for 150ml by AVEDA;

4. These serums – that you mix with a shampoo – are a booster for various priorities. Back To Your Roots provides balanced, soothing and calming care.

£14 for 230ml Shampoo and 2 x 10ml SuperSerums by CONCOCTION;

5. Shiitake mushroom extract, grapeseed procyanidins and cananga essential oil protect the area surrounding the hair bulb to slow hair thinning.

Phytostim £36.50 by PHYTO;

6. Treatment kit containing Aminexil, taurine and arginine to help protect hair from breakage.

Elvive Men Triple Resist Aminexil Kit £14.99 for 10 x 6ml doses by L’OREAL PARIS MEN EXPERT; 0800-030 4032

(Image: Arthur Woodcroft)