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Tooth Fairy is a tight wad

Just $2.10 per tooth

Tooth Fairy is a tight wad

The thing about the tooth fairy is that she stops paying out by the time you really need cash.

But even toddlers are feeling the heat of the global economic balls up, as payment for a tooth is plummeting.

An annual survey suggests the US Tooth Fairy (surely the richest of the lot?) left an average 42 cents less in 2011 than in 2010, with youngsters bagging just $2.10 (£1.33) per fang.

Delta Dental (haven't you got better things to be doing?) who conducted online survey of 1,355 said: "Like many Americans, the Tooth Fairy needed to tighten her belt in 2011, but she's hopeful for a recovery this year."

Elsewhere the Loch Ness Monster is forecasting an upturn in the eurozone recession for 2012 thanks to Brussels bailout.

Image: Rex

Via: UPI