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Watch: a man makes a tomahawk from an old wrench

Learn how to turn the stuff in your shed into obsolete but ridiculously cool weapons

Watch: a man makes a tomahawk from an old wrench
02 September 2016

If you're the sort of person that fancies yourself as a throwback type, of the era where people made stuff with their hands, then you've probably got yourself a toolbox. You've got a load of shiny hammers neatly arranged by size, a fistful of screws and some wrenches you don't really know how to use. All very good. If you like fixing stuff, that is. But what about the other primal urge, then one that bests our love of love of assembling IKEA furniture: the urge to smash stuff? Have you got any effective implements for just smashing stuff to bits in that there toolbox, buddy? Well, after watching this video of a wrench being turned into a tomahawk by Miller Knives, you willl!

The best thing about watching videos of people making stuff with tools, is that you get to vicariously enjoy the idea of using tools, without actually having to use them - which it turns out is really difficult. And this is a video of someone making a tool with tools. It's a blacksmith video squared. Here are all the bits that would make Ron Swanson beam. 

Smelting your puny wrench in fire.

Watch this indiscriminate bashing that's actually the process by which you finely craft your tomahawk.

Marvel at this glorious sawwork, dance in the sparks.

The bit you were waiting for. The smashing. You can't do this with a spirit level and tape measure, can you? Not unless you swing them real hard.