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15 times Tom Hiddleston proved he's #NoFilter worthy

The Night Manager is on Instagram and it's about damn time

15 times Tom Hiddleston proved he's #NoFilter worthy

Big news: Tom Hiddleston has Instagram. Yes, the Avengers Assemble star and other half to pop star/snake Taylor Swift has taken to social media to post a selfie dressed as the villain Loki.

And it's about time. It seems like after The Night Manager the world can't get enough of his polite British demeanor and suave dress sense, and with his new girlfriend being one of the most followed people on Insta in the world, it makes sense.

So in celebration of this momentous occasion, we've rounded up 15 pictures of T-Hids that prove he won't be needing to mess around with filters when he next posts. Except if he's taking pictures of his kebab at the end of a night out, as there's not enough filters in the world to make doner meat look good.


Here he is as a vampiric musician in Only Lovers Left Alive, wearing sunglasses at night like all worthwhile celebrities do. Make sure you @ the brand Tom so they send you some free pairs.


Cats are a surefire way to boost your likes, but when one of the biggest actors in the world is also in the photo, that's going to give people blisters on their thumbs from double tapping so much.


Nonchalantly standing by British landmarks in midnight blue tailoring with a top button suggestively undone is one of Tom's all time favourite hobbies.


Sure we like it when Loki wears a horned helmet and green armor, but it looks a bit out of place in a wine bar on a Friday night.


Every man should have one decent picture of themselves in a tuxedo and bow tie (no, your drunken prom one doesn't count). Tom probably has around 100, which is just showing off.


Not many people can pull off a cowboy hat without looking like they're voting for Donald Trump, but Tom effortlessly executes the southern states look in the Hank Williams biopic I Saw The Light.


"Oh I didn't see you there! Good thing I look handsome 24/7, even if I'm biting a lemon or on the toilet."


Proof that double denim is not reserved for lumberjacks and seventies fancy dress parties.

"I don't want to name names because I don't want to draw too many direct comparisons but the history of Fascism is populated by people who need to subjugate other people and elevate their status and power to a level which is supreme. Usually any psychological study of these people will reveal a sort of lost, damaged child, who is somehow heartbroken and doesn't have any self-worth." - Tom Hiddleston ---------------------------------------------------#tomhiddleston #tom #hiddleston #hiddlestoners #hiddlesarmy #tomhiddles #thiddles #hiddlestoned #hiddles #new #Follow #FollowMe #Love #hiddleslove #hiddlesobsessed #hiddlestonarmy #beautiful #sexy #actor #actors #hiddlesporn #loki #thomaswilliamhiddleston #hiddleshoe #sexyhiddles #ilovetomhiddleston #movie #crimsonpeak #SirThomasSharpe #quote

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Midnight In Paris is one of Woody Allen's most stylish films. Here's Tom wearing a slick twenties inspired striped three piece suit as Great Gatsby writer F. Scott Fitzgerald with his wife Zelda.


Tom's got his Instagram game upped here in High Rise by using mirrors to show off his full wide lapel, charcoal grey suit. He ain't no social media amateur.


Has he just came back from a big night out and collapsed against a wall in a golden firefly embroidered blazer? If so, he's a well dressed drunk.


Wow, awkward. Third wheeling a date and dressing in the same electric blue suit? Good thing Tom wears it best and steals Hugh Laurie's girl like an absolute player.


It might be the honeymoon period now, but in six months there'll coincidentally be a new Taylor Swift breakup album about a charming British man with a receding hairline that broke her heart. We're starting to see a pattern here...


If Tom's acting career ever goes down the toilet maybe he can get paid for advertising protein shakes.


He could take a selfie with Barrow train station in the background and still get 100,000 likes, but it does look a lot nicer with a gloriously snowy backdrop.