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After Tide Pods, people are trying to eat even more 'forbidden foods'

Go on, just a bite...

After Tide Pods, people are trying to eat even more 'forbidden foods'
29 January 2018

The fun thing about the Tide Pod phenomenon, where people are eating laundry capsules due to their delicious-sweetlike appearance and then getting really, really ill, is shaking your head at the idiocy of everyone involved, then thinking, “They do look completely delicious though”. 

Because they absolutely do. They look all gooey and sweet and just lovely, and even though they are literally filled with poison, it’s hard not to feel at least slightly tempted. Like, if you drank a pint of milk afterwards it would probably be fine, right? Popping a multivitamin will almost definitely counterbalance the effects of the aggressive, vile chemicals attempting to cleanse your system of life.


Tide pods are only the beginning, though. The surface of the looks-incredible, is-inedible world has only been scratched. And who among us hasn’t looked at plasticine, at grouting, at everything in every branch of Lush ever, and thought, “That belongs inside me”? Liars, is the answer. Non-hungry liars. 

Redditors are sharing images of non-food items that look just as delectable, if not even deliciouser, than detergent in the subreddit Forbidden Snacks. And, god damn it, everything looks amazing. 

Note: We are in no way condoning the consumption of non-food items. Eating stuff that isn’t food is potentially dangerous and can, in extreme circumstances, be less delicious than you’d think.

  • It isn't Gatorade, and yet...

    It just looks so HEALTHY and DELICIOUS. It probably has isotopes and stuff in it. Bet you could jump really high after a bottle of this stuff!

  • Why should fish have all the fun?

    This fish food is labeled “Not for human consumption”, but if fish can eat it, and we can eat fish, can’t we just skip out the middleman and chow down on these luscious-looking dreampods.

  • Oh, come on

    If you don’t want people to eat rocks, don’t put them in a gumball machine.

  • This definitely isn't icing

    And yet… Imagine sticking a finger in it, wiping a thick wodge off and just jamming that bugger into your gob. You feel good, don’t you? You feel really good.

  • Tasty, tasty tablets

    Swimming pool? Swimming cool, more like! It doesn’t say on the packet that these are made out of the same stuff as Refreshers, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t.

BRB, off to see if urinal cakes are really made out of the same stuff as sugar mice.