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Londoners are still unhappy with this 'Thor 2' plot gap

Thor might be the God of Thunder but he knows sod-all about the Tube

Londoners are still unhappy with this 'Thor 2' plot gap
17 April 2018

Thor, the God of Thunder, wielder of Mjolnir, heir to Asgard, son of Odin, might have a lot of things going for him - arms like a horse’s leg, eyes you could go for a swim in, a chest like POW POW - but he’s rubbish at the Tube.

Thor 2: The Dark World features a scene where he rides the London Underground and has to get from Charing Cross to Greenwich.

The answer? “Take this train, three stops.”

What the hell are you talking about, unhelpful stranger? Charing Cross is on the Bakerloo and Northern lines, so three stops will take you to either:

  • Kennington
  • Regent’s Park
  • Lambeth North
  • Goodge Street

He’s a God, for, er, fuck’s sake. Give him the correct advice. 

Even with a more direct route than Twitter’s TechnicallyRon (aka writer Aaron Gillies) is suggesting there, it’s a faff. The most straightforward route TfL suggests doesn’t even involve the Overground - it reckons National Rail two stops to London Bridge, then changing to another National Rail train to go two stops to Greenwich, is the best bet. 

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You could also go two stops south to Waterloo (on either line) and change to the Jubilee, which’ll get you to Canary Wharf in five stops, then hop on the DLR south for seven. Or, if he’s feeling fancy (and he might be, he is the Norse God of Thunder) he could get the Thames Clipper from Embankment for North Greenwich.

What makes it all the more frustrating is how unnecessary it is - he teleports into Charing Cross. Couldn’t he just teleport into a handier station for Greenwich?

Possibly not. To have their cute moment on the Tube the filmmakers obviously wanted Thor to (a) be on the actual Tube, not a Tube-adjacent thing like the DLR or Overground; (b) be at a famous station people outside of Britain had heard of and (c) be able to be given directions as quickly as possible so as not to slow the film down.

They’d need to use North Greenwich rather than Greenwich, really, as it’s on the Tube proper. But then, allowing for that slight poetic licence, he could teleport into Westminster, Waterloo or London Bridge - all famous, internationally-known places - and be told it was seven, six or four stops. Easy as pie. You keep the moment and you don’t send watching Londoners into fits of furious rage.

Thor: The Dark World ranks the lowest out of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films in this list by the Hollywood Reporter rating every film ever based on a Marvel property - maybe if someone had consulted a bloody Tube map it would be a bit higher.

They should have, ahem, Thor it through.

(Pic: Marvel Studios)