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This woman recreating celebrity selfies is brilliant

This woman recreating celebrity selfies is brilliant

This woman recreating celebrity selfies is brilliant

Here's a photo of Miranda Kerr pulling her foot over her head for no discernible reason while wearing only a skimpy bikini; here, a cheery beach snap of Alessandra Ambrosio standing on the sand in a high-cut silver swimsuit, legs uncomfortably askew; and oh look, it’s Lady Gaga contorting her body into a strange and unnatural pose… on a paddleboard.

All of these are genuine posts, with tens of thousands of likes between them. You may have even double-tapped, yourself. Gaze at them a little longer, however, and they just start to look, well, weird.

It turns out that attractive female celebrities, for some time now, have been sharing some very strange photos of themselves on social media, and getting away with it.

Sure, they'll occasionally receive criticism for what they're wearing - or not wearing, as is more often the case - or for promoting unhealthy or unobtainable standards of physical beauty. Yet no-one seems bothered by the fact that they're inexplicably sat in a sink, or doing a handstand while kissing their "boyfriend".

Enter Celeste Barber, who has devoted her own Instagram account to calling BS on these ridiculous celeb snaps, by recreating their famous poses and sharing her versions alongside the original images.

Scroll on to see a selection of the social media satirist’s funniest posts.

"@ladygaga and I progressing nicely at paddle board yoga"

Lady Gaga // Celeste Barber

"We're getting a pool! Let the sexiness begin!"

Kate Upton // Celeste Barber

"Rock. Thong. Sand. Photographer. Yoga"

Stella Maxwell // Celeste Barber

"WAKE THE FUCK UP KIMMY ITS #internationalwomensday"

Kim Kardashian // Celeste Barber


Nicki Minaj // Celeste Barber

"S P O I L E R A L E R T- I'm on the right"

Fitspo // Celeste Barber

"Fuck you gravity"

Sara Underwood // Celeste Barber

"pull your hair. Put on a full length jacket ( if budget allows ) fall in the water"

Beyoncé // Celeste Barber

"Ah, the pressures of school drop off"

Victoria Secret // Celeste Barber

"Real love is perfect, flawless, acrobatic, stylised, timed and photogenic"

Gigi Hadid // Celeste Barber

"Don't you hate it when you're doing your nails and you get a CRAMP!?!?"

Victoria Beckham // Celeste Barber

"Note to self- try to bend oneself into a pretzel BEFORE devouring butter chicken"

Miranda Kerr // Celeste Barber

"Happy birthday #justinbieber may you enjoy your cake so much that you lick the knife"

Justin Bieber // Celeste Barber

"H A P P Y E A S T E R! I hope you all have more luck in the Easter egg hunt than #kendalljenner and I did"

Kendall Jenner // Celeste Barber

"Remember to believe in your dreams"

Beyoncé // Celeste Barber

"Just chillin in the sink in a jumper, and some lippy"

Irina Shayk // Celeste Barber

"Space suits, ski jackets and #spanx"

Alessandra Ambrosio // Celeste Barber

"Bums. Balls. Boobs"

Amber Rose // Celeste Barber

"#bellahadid and I like to drink wine then pretend we are cats"

Bella Hadid // Celeste Barber

"Gooood morning Saturday!!!"

Victoria Secret // Celeste Barber