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This whisky collection has ‘magic’ labels only you can read

You'll need a special torch, though

This whisky collection has ‘magic’ labels only you can read
Holly Pyne
26 September 2019

We all love a good gimmick, whether we care to admit it or not, so you’ll be thrilled to hear that all the stops are being pulled out for this year’s London Whisky Show.

The Whisky Exchange is releasing a collection of Scotch Whiskies with ‘magic’ labels. What makes them magic? Most of the details can only be seen under UV light.
Put another way, it is essentially an adult version of those ‘invisible’ ink pens we all used to want as kids so that we could write secret messages to our friends in class.
The collection titled The Magic of the Cask is being called an industry first by its makers, and a UV torch is even being included with every purchase.

This whisky collection has ‘magic’ labels only you can read

What about the whisky itself? First up is a 9-year-old Caol Ila (£84.95) that has been matured in an old Sherry cask to give it an ABV of £58.7%. It has aromas of zingy citrus zest and earthy mushroom, and notes of smoky liquorice, chocolate limes and apple pie.
Second; a 22-year-old Ben Nevis (£165) is 51.6% ABV and has notes of “fresh and candied fruit”. Then follows a 23-year-old Imperial also for £165 that has been matured in an ex-Bourbon barrel to get it notes of sweet cream and cinnamon.
Finally, the most expensive at £450 is a 45-year-old blended malt whisky with notes of brown sugar, nutmeg and fruitcake.
Got the cash to splash? The four bottles will be available to buy from the show at Old Billingsate on 28-29 September, with a number of bottles being available to buy from the Whisky Exchange website after the event.
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