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This weatherman choking through a broadcast is all of us after the office Christmas party

Cloudy with a chance of vomit

This weatherman choking through a broadcast is all of us after the office Christmas party

Between heart-warming letters to kids and Thomasz Schafernaker, Radio 4 is bringing rare joy to the news as we round up 2016.

While attempting to deliver the Shipping Forecast at 5:20am, BBC weatherman Schafernaker coughed, sobbed and gagged his way through the broadcast. It’s the first time in 91 years that the forecast has been interrupted.

It went something like:

“In north channel – fair, good. Mull of Kintyre to Ardnamurchan Point southerly (very long pause….) or south-easterly four or five (sobbing, groaning, heaving followed by deep swallow) increasing six at times, fair, good. Ardnamurchan Point to Cape Wrath southerly or southerly four or five (more chocking sounds, heaving, long pause as he exits.)”

Listeners were left confused and somewhat concerned for his wellbeing following an on-air silence, before newsreader Chris Aldridge stepped in and awkwardly made sure everyone knew exactly who that was: “I do apologise, that was Tomasz Schafernaker. We will just complete the inshore waters forecast.”

You can listen to Tomasz’s ordeal below:

Tomasz Schafernaker fails to finish the shipping forecast

Rumour has it that the BBC South East Christmas party was the night before, which would be a fairly strong culprit for his “bout of sickness” he felt coming on before he had to “quickly jump ship”.

It’s not the first time Sschafernaker has made the news outside of his post. He once forgot what Edinburgh was called, had to apologise to the Outer Hebrides and Western Isles for calling them “nowheresville” and was caught on live TV flipping the bird to his co-presenter.

All of which makes him a weatherman we’d like to see a lot more of.