This video of people hugging Dallas police officers will restore your faith in the world


America has a problem.

In the wake of the tragic shooting of Louisiana’s Alton Sterling last week - captured on social media and shared the world over – the US has once again been forced to sit up and take stock of a longstanding issue involving trigger-happy law enforcement and the deadly force predominantly used on black men.

With anger understandably palpable, the fallout has been ugly: five Dallas police officers have been shot dead in apparent retaliation by a crazed gunman, riot police have clashed with protesters in numerous cities and President Obama has called for restraint on both sides.

But here comes a social media post that does the opposite of horrify, that shows that no matter the issues, love, care and a little kindness beat pretty much anything...

While police chief David Brown spoke at a noon prayer service in downtown Dallas, hundreds of civilians queued up to offer their gratitude to the uniformed services. And thus comes this video which captured the love-in - all ten minutes of it.

Starting off as firm handshakes, it soon turned into a veritable hug-fest as the community did its best to comfort the officers about their slain colleagues.

It’s not going to change anything in the short term of course, but if it helps to bring some comfort to a fractured nation then we're all for it. Hugs all around.