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This TV show map of the UK by an American is excellent

The ultimate fun geographical guide

This TV show map of the UK by an American is excellent

Ask most Americans about Wernham Hogg and you'd simply get a confused look. Gavin and Stacey? Never heard of them.

But there are a few people across the pond, for whom the mention of these would elicit a nod of recognition and a warm smile - one of those being graphic designer Tim Ritz, an Anglophile who was asked so often by his wife where particular places in the UK were, that he decided to create a map, based on the locations of its famous TV shows.

It includes a host of British entertainment classics, with a special breakout section for London's many great shows. Fear not, Byker Grove is on there too. You can buy a print for just $15 (£10) by heading here.

As if their fictional locations weren't enough, he's even included a few nice notes on where the shows are actually filmed.

Anyone up for a road trip to visit the lot?

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