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This robot can fold your clothes in under a minute

Finally, a robot that doesn't want to kill us

This robot can fold your clothes in under a minute
07 June 2016

What with Google building kill switches for rampant AIs and droids taking our jobs, our dreams of living in a future in which robots carried out our bidding appeared to be dashed.

The FoldiMate restores a glimmer of hope to the equation.

While it might look like the twisted love child of a late nineties photocopier and an air conditioning unit, the FoldiMate incorporates some nifty engineering that gathers in your laundry load and folds items individually.

You just peg your wash to the 'Mate slots (not a technical term) and within minutes, it'll fold an entire basket of laundry.

In addition to folding, the FoldiMate can spray each item of laundry with a perfume, and help de-wrinkle (again, not a technical term) the load. It's apparently compatible with shirts, towels, trousers, linen - anything you can't currently be arsed to fold. It's even got WiFi connectivity for... well, we don't know. Automated folding from anywhere in the world? Maybe you can train the dog to clip the washing for you...

Currently in the final stages of development, you can register your interest in a FoldiMate here. It's expected to cost in the region of £515 - small money for anyone driven mad by incessant folding.

Or, you know, just... get a grip. Literally.