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This magical projector turns anything into a touchscreen

We're living in the future

This magical projector turns anything into a touchscreen
28 February 2017

Projectors are cool, aren’t they? They let you watch movies on the goddamn wall, and that is a great thing. Still, they’ve been around forever and each time a new one comes out, it’s not exactly exciting: oooh it’s bigger, it’s higher definition, it has a popcorn machine on the side etc.

However, a new projector has been announced, and it is exciting, it’s very exciting. That’s because it’s not just a projector – it also transforms any flat surface you point it at into a touchscreen. See, look:


What fun. The Sony Xperia Touch runs on Android, so you can do most of the things you can do on your phone, like browse the web, watch silly YouTube videos of cats falling up the stairs (on a screen up to 80 inches) and download apps and games from the Google Play store.

Alongside the usual phone-related time-wasters, it will also have in-built calendars, real-time weather info, voice recognition, Skype capabilities and a memo board that you can write things on – you know, like “Whoever took my fucking butter will rot in Hell”. It’ll also work with other devices, like the PS4, wherein it uses the Remote Play feature, so you can game in your kitchen, for easy access to Cheetos.

It’s coming out this spring, so it’ll be out just in time to make sun glare a problem, but no matter, at least it’s really expensive. When it hits the shops it’ll come with a price tag of €1,599, which is about £1,350, but we’re sure your landlord will understand if he doesn’t get rent for one month – he’s a reasonable chap.