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“This odour coincided with being in close proximity to my son”

Dom from Bedford reveals how he manned-up and styled it out

“This odour coincided with being in close proximity to my son”

Wing-Co. is a chocolate milk drink aimed at helping men man-up. So, if your energy levels are dipping, buy a bottle of Wing-Co. To celebrate its launch, we asked readers to share tales of when they manned-up. This week, Dom from Bedford on when he manned-up as a dad.

“One rainy day, I took my two boys to the local soft-play centre. It was about an hour into this test of mental stamina I noticed, at regular intervals, a horrible odour that would stay for a while, before vanishing. To my horror, I realised this odour coincided with being in close proximity to my youngest son. I needed to change his nappy immediately to avoid being known as ‘The one with the smelly kid’.

“That seems uneventful, but it is to my immense credit that my children were unaware that, during the dance that is the nappy change of the reluctant child, my son delivered the most powerful kick to my sensitive region. I realised that screaming before doubling over in an enclosed space would probably turn this trip from a fun day out into a nightmare-inducing traumatic episode. With that in mind, I internalised the pain and continued changing my son as if nothing had happened.

“Some people might describe me as a hero, but I would say that I’m just a dad.” “I couldn’t leave the older boy unsupervised, so took them both in. I grabbed the change bag, both kids and, within minutes, had changed the offending nappy.

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