This is why you get right swipes on Tinder

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Chris Sayer

Look at you go, swiping right at lightening speed like some sort of Tinder Terminator. You’re on fire! Fire!

It’s safe to say that in 2016, we’ve all got pretty decent at knowing what we want, and don’t want, from a future life partner. We’re so decent, in fact, that our brains make the decision to swipe left or right on any given Tinder profile in only one tenth of a second. That’s one rapid life decision right there.

But why? And more importantly, how? How have we come to be such streamlined, effective and militant lotharios? Well, this video goes some way as to explain just that.

Hit play, and hopefully, you’ll finally make sense of the craaazy whirlwind that is romance.


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Chris Sayer

Chris Sayer is a freelance journalist and editor based in London. Chris has interviewed some of the biggest names in entertainment and travelled the world doing an all manner of adventures for lots of brilliant magazines. He writes for Shortlist about booze but would probably prefer we let him write about fishing instead. Follow Chris on Twitter: @ChrisSayer00

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