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This is when we might get Disney back on Netflix

There's a long wait ahead

This is when we might get Disney back on Netflix
03 June 2019

We were excited when Disney announced its Disney+ streaming platform. Who wouldn't want to see classic Disney films that had been languishing in its vault?

There was one downside to the Disney+ news, though. It meant some of our favourites would disappear from other streaming platforms. There’s now a huge array of streaming services – Netflix, HBO, NowTV and many more. The addition of yet another subscription service was not exactly music to the ears of anyone trying to be frugal.

And for those of us sticking with Netflix, the loss of Disney’s back catalogue is not insignificant – you might recall it includes the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 20th Century Fox films including Titanic and Avatar, Pixar and Star Wars, and anything made by National Geographic.

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But according to film site IndieWire, Netflix bosses may have struck a deal that means your favourites will come back to the service. But don’t hold your breath, because they’re not going to return until at least 2026.

As IndieWire points out, the company has struck similar deals before. Shows from the CW Network will remain on Netflix until they go off air. There's more bad news too. The streaming platform is likely to lose one of its top shows, Friends, which is probably headed to WarnerMedia’s own slated streaming platform.

Either way, the streaming infrastructure is about to get a little bit more complicated – and could be about to get a lot more expensive for us consumers.