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This iPhone case is actually just an entire new Android phone

A phone within a phone

This iPhone case is actually just an entire new Android phone

If you’ve got yourself an iPhone, but you want an Android, what are you to do? You could chuck your Apple in the bin and go out and buy a brand spanker that runs on Android, but that’s expensive, isn’t it? What if you could buy a new Android device for a modest price, but keep your iPhone and use them AT THE SAME TIME? It would be magical. You’d get all the benefits of the iPhone (security, great technical support) as well as reaping Android’s plus points (customisation, lovely Google integration).

Well, that weirdly specific dream has become a reality – some enterprising young Kickstarters (think that what they’re called) have created exactly that: an iPhone case which is actually just a whole new Android phone. Is it just the same as sellotaping two phones together? Essentially, yes, but it does have some features that elevate it above doing that (just).

Really, the main selling point here, especially if you’ve got that “Instagram” thing (and really like the look of your own face, believing that you can make the world a better place by constantly showing it to everyone), then you can take a selfie using the iPhone’s powerful back camera. Other features include, well, watch this frankly terrifying promo video to find out:

In case you aren’t arsed with videos (what is this, the ‘80s?), here’s a quick rundown of the features: a 5" FHD AMOLED display, an SD card slot, a 2800mAh extra battery, wireless charging, two extra SIM card slots, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, open NFC, always on display (AOD), an infrared blaster/receiver and a metal tag for mounting it on your car.

The project, entitled Eye, has already surpassed its goal on Kickstarter, but it’s still open should you want to pledge. A model without 4G is going to retail at $189, but if you’re quick, you can grab a super early bird device for $95; alternatively, grab a case with 4G (retailing at $229) before anyone else and you’ll nab it for $129.

Is it silly? Yes. Do you want it? Maybe. Do you care? You don’t care about ANYTHING.