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This insanely-detailed fan theory suggests there's a secret Stone Roses album coming very soon

You have to admire the effort that went into this

This insanely-detailed fan theory suggests there's a secret Stone Roses album coming very soon

Stone Roses fans are nothing if not a loyal bunch.

Having waited since 1994 for new music from their heroes, the sense of anticipation ahead of the release of comeback single All For One was understandable, and its unveiling on 12 May was greeted with euphoria for those delighted to hear the boys back in action in the studio.

But while the song was a nice track to welcome their return to recording, the next step is a full album - and one fan site, onelovestory2013, has concocted a brilliantly-detailed theory that reveals the album's release date - and also suggests that anyone buying the 7" of the single will get a secret listen to it before anyone else.

Exhibit A

The original sales link for the one-track 7" single release of All For One shows what appears to be a 4-track album vinyl record, rather than simply a single. The release date is 1 July 2016, or 1/7/16.

Exhibit B

The band's non-UK shop then recently changed this image to the one above, which shows an 8-track vinyl album record in the case instead. The price of $12.98 is also extremely high for a 7" single.

Exhibit C

Now they really start digging for clues. Notice that the shadow on the 'N' of 'ONE' creates the shape of the number one.

Exhibit D

And here's another 'number one shadow', next to the 'A' of 'ALL'.

Exhibit E

And another...

Exhibit F

In total there are six 'number one shadows', plus, of course the 'ONE' in the song title. Add them all up and it totals 7.

1/7. The first of July.

In the words of the fan site, "It now appears that fans of The Stone Roses who order the 7″ may get all of the new album for the price of a ONE sided 7″ single. All for one. 1 for All… on 7.1 or 1.7 aka July 1."

The site has form - it previously successfully decoded the 2012 Stone Roses tour posters. So if you're a Roses fan - get ordering that 7" and put that date in your diary...