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This handheld gadget is the Shazam for fonts

Fan of fonts? Tied up in typography? Crazy for kerning? You'll want this

This handheld gadget is the Shazam for fonts
06 July 2016

Fan of fonts? Tied up in typography? Crazy for kerning? 

Then meet your new hero, Fiona O'Leary, and her wonder gadget, Spector: a small cylinder that can identify any printed font, font size and colour, just from placing it on a piece of printed work, before opening them automatically on InDesign.

Yep. No longer will you flick through magazines and think "Bloody hell, that's a gorgeous bit of sans serif going on there, wonder what the font is", because with Spector, you will know

As the video above demonstrates, with a Spector in your pocket you can gad about town taking 'snaps' of fonts, "allowing various print materials to become interactive". A small camera sits in the base of the cylinder: you place the Spector on the printed font you want to identify, capture an image, which Spector then transmits to a database of fonts and colours. It can store up to 20 samples for you to upload once you've connected it to a computer. 

A student of the Royal College of Art, Spector is O'Leary's graduation project. Which means no, it's not for sale. Yet.

Go on O'Leary - satisfying the desires of designers the world over and make this a reality. A Kickstarter? Please? You'll be worshipped as the font of all knowledge...

(Image: Via Vimeo)

[Via: Wired]