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This guy just blagged tickets to our JME gig in the best way possible

An inspiring tale of hard work, luck, and grime

This guy just blagged tickets to our JME gig in the best way possible
01 December 2016

Was your 1 December morning filled with the warm belly glow of festive cheer? Was there excitement at what could possibly be lurking behind the first window of your Malteasers advent calendar? “Ah, a Malteaser! Great!” That’s lovely. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for all of us.

For one unlucky, grime-loving man, this morning was filled with nothing but heartache, disappointment and fist-shaking at the heavens. 

At 1am Reuben Precht tweeted about our very very cool live gig tonight with JME – the insanely in-demand and illusive grime star who we cannot wait to see wrap up our series of 48 Hours To… gigs in association with Lynx Anti-Perspirant at London’s Styx come 7pm. Poor old Reuben...

Yes way, Reuben. Yes way did you miss out big time on our free tickets to tonight’s show. Those things flew off our digital shelves at record speeds. Like hot cakes. Piping hot, molten lava, third degree-burning cakes, in fact.

But our story does not end there. Whoa no.

still life

One lucky JME fan on Twitter, with spare tickets for tonight’s show, caught wind of Reuben’s desperation and offered him an in. Initially asking for “£20/ an 8ball/ a bucket of chicken”, a deal was later made that challenged our Reuben to “Maybe post a video of you spitting the first verse of Work?” in return for a golden pass to the big gig. 

Reuben, spurred on by this tiny slither of hope, excitedly responded:

And this, five minutes later, is what we got. Reuben, we salute you.

What. A. Guy. 

But our beautiful tale doesn’t end there. There’s more. JME himself caught a glimpse of Reuben’s masterful lyric-spitting, and stamped his seal approval right on it: 

And guess what happened?