Watch the worst spy ever get caught eavesdropping on Obama and Putin

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Emily Badiozzaman

A man with an uncanny resemblance to Buster Bluth has just brought joy to a particularly grim Monday with his Mr Bean-meets-Pink Panther-esque attempt at eavesdropping on Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit. 

We'd want to hear the conversation too but this guy would have been a major distraction. But then maybe that was his purpose. 

As the man weaves his way through the crowd, he spots a camera filming the US and Russian leaders and immediately forgets how to be a human person.  

Some have speculated he could have been a spy, part of the not so secret service trying to film the conversation with a camera in his peculiar looking bag (which we wonder how he got in in the first place).

Others reckon he might be have just wanted to get on TV, while some think he was a reporter trying to get a scoop.

Whatever his mission, he's made our day. 


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