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This good rescue doggo was reunited with his good doggo siblings thanks to Facebook

More of this please, 2017

This good rescue doggo was reunited with his good doggo siblings thanks to Facebook
24 February 2017

Who’s a good boy?

All dogs. All dogs are good boys, but today in particular, Frito is a good boy, because he’s the centre of a heartwarming story about dogs, AKA the best kind of story that exists.

Frito is a rescue dog who was adopted from Texas Humane Heroes in October 2015. This was great, because he now had a brand new home and a loving family, but also sad, because it meant he had to leave his real, doggo family behind.

Frito has six siblings: Domino, Snow, Raven, Cali, Buddy, and Aspen. Here they are, looking so adorable you’ll want to scream, laugh and cry all at once, and then chew gently on their floppy little ears.

The family together as puppies

Frito’s owner Corie Gemmiti wanted to give them all a chance to meet up and play again, so she decided to start a Facebook campaign to bring them back together.

She posted this picture of Frito below, looking dapper as hell we might add, along with a sign that read: Hi, my name is Frito. I was adopted from Texas Humane Heroes on October 24, 2015. I’m looking for my siblings whose names were Domino, Snow, Raven, Cali, Buddy & Aspen. Please share my post so I can reunite with them for a puppy play date at Texas Humane Heroes! #AdoptDontShop.”

Frito, looking like a very smart pupper

And look, it only went and worked! Sadly Cali couldn’t make it, but the other five siblings turned up, and even mum Patty was able to join, making it a proper family reunion.

Look how smart they all look. What great doggos they all are.

The reunited family, proving happiness can still exist

The family celebrated the reunion with a game of fetch, dog-friendly cake and a lot of every dog’s favourite activity – butt sniffing (probably).

"All the dogs got along really great," Frito’s owner Corie told ABC News. "It was nice to meet all the families of all the dogs. It was good to talk to them and figure out the personalities of all the dogs."

Please can we only have stories like this for the rest of 2017?