This ejector bed could change your mornings forever


We’ve heard of these fabled anomalies that are so-called ‘morning people’. Apparently they have the power to go to the gym, read the news, make breakfast and lunch, and answer emails all caffeine-free before 8:00am.

For the rest of us, getting out of bed is a daily struggle left to the seventh snooze.

Enter Colin Furze, a stuntman, inventor, YouTuber and one of Sky 1's Gadget Geeks, who has created a bed that physically ejects you from slumber.

A rude awakening indeed, but one that is effective.

All it needs now is the ability to dress you and butter your toast a la Wallace and Gromit.

Still struggling to shave more time off your morning routine? This will probably ping you straight onto your desk, albeit with an almighty crash and sustained injuries