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This case transforms your iPhone into a VR headset

This case transforms your iPhone into a VR headset

This case transforms your iPhone into a VR headset

We keep being told that VR is going to be huge. It's going to change the way we play games, watch films, send videos... but it's not quite ready yet. Give it a year to iron the bugs out, lose the wires and finally fit in your pocket. Honest. 

But one Kickstarter project is looking to make good on the unending promises in a matter of months.

Figment VR has created a phone case that transforms your iPhone into a virtual reality screen - without adding irksome bulk or clutter to Apple's sleek handset. 

More durable than Google's Cardboard project, and far cheaper than devices like Facebook's Oculus Rift, the Figment VR is more like an old-fashioned View-Master

It attaches to your iPhone (6S or 6S Plus) like a standard case, adding a few millimetres of thickness. Slide a button on the rear of the case and the 'goggle' viewfinders flip around in front of the phone screen.

Sure - you have to hold the phone to your face to watch any VR content, but it's a far more elegant solution than any previous attempts.


"But what VR stuff can I watch on my iPhone?" asked everyone. 

Well, YouTube is adding virtual reality content every month, and there's a swelling number of VR apps in Apple's iTunes store - including Google Cardboard and Legendary. Each of these "splits" your phone screen into two images, which the Figment VR lenses split into your eyes to create a 3D effect. 

Set to cost in the region of £52 when it arrives in January 2016, you can put in an order for a discounted model on the Figment VR Kickstarter page right now.

Will you look like a numpty when you flip your VR goggles out on the bus home? Yes you will. Will you care as you dip into a virtual world of images? Not one jot.