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These two new gaming headsets from Audio-Technica are premium and powerful

A sound investment

These two new gaming headsets from Audio-Technica are premium and powerful
03 July 2019

Even if you aren’t familiar with Audio-Technica, you can hazard a guess at the Japanese firm’s speciality from the name. Yes, the people behind Audio-Technica are audiophiles to their core, so the announcement of two new premium gaming headsets for e-sports enthusiasts should certainly be welcomed.

Like most audio products, they don’t have the most memorable names in the world, but the ATH-G1 and wireless ATH-G1 WL promise performance where it counts, offering lightweight design and studio audio quality.

The headset come with specially-tuned 45mm drivers and although they’re compatible with PS4 and Xbox One, PC owners get a real treat thanks to the 1,300mW input capacity for dedicated sound cards.

The boom mic is detachable, and Audio-Technica says it has been designed to clearly pick up voices without absorbing the clickety-clack of keyboard presses and other ambient sounds.

Both headsets will go on sale from the end of the month, with the wired ATH-G1 selling for £159 and the wireless version going for £229. The wireless version, incidentally, promises a solid 15 hours of gaming from a single charge, but can work while charging too.

At these prices, Audio-Technica’s gaming headsets aren’t aimed at those who just play Call of Duty once every couple of months, but if you’re serious about your e-sports – or aspire to get serious – then they’re certainly worth keeping an eye out for once reviews start pouring in.

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