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These photos of Donald Trump may give you hope that he is an actual human being

Is there a real person lurking underneath?

These photos of Donald Trump may give you hope that he is an actual human being

Donald Trump: monster, racist, demagogue, xenophobe, sexual predator, fascist, misogynist, madman, narcissist, sociopath, maniac.

There are many labels that have been given to the – yes, deep breath – president-elect over the past seventeen months since he announced his candidacy for America’s top job, but one which most of us have forgotten, particularly in the furore since last night’s vote, is ‘human being’.

Yes, that’s right. Underneath all of the lies, rhetoric and posturing lies an actual person: Donald John Trump, born 14 June 1946, three-times married, and father of five children.

We’ve all become so accustomed to seeing his classic campaigning photo – angry and red-faced, with that trademark thin, super-combed hairstyle on top – that it feels like he’s more of a caricature than an actual person.

So, before we head into the abyss, perhaps these photos, showcasing a softer side of the Trump character, can give us some hope for the future. Just maybe.

May 1988 - First wife Ivana Trump with Donald at Friar's Roast, New York City, America
Sporting skiwear in Aspen, Colorado - 1990
Surrounded by chickens (Amy Poehler, Tracy Morgan, Seth Myers, Maya Rudolph) on SNL - 2002
Reading a book ('If You Give a Mouse a Cookie') to children in New York - 2003
Bride and groom, as Donald marries second wife Marla Maples
Family man Donald with Marla, at a polo match in Florida - 1996
With Santa, at Trump Park Avenue, New York - 2003
With Merv Griffin and Ronald Reagan at the Hebrew University Scopus Award Dinner (1990)
Launching his Trump doll - 2004
Partying at a Beach Boys concert - 1997
Playing golf with LPGA pro Annika Sorenstam - 2001
With Nelson Mandela and third wife Melania, New York - 2005

Convinced? Yeah, us neither.