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These new coffee cups are made from ground coffee

Turn those brown grounds green

These new coffee cups are made from ground coffee
01 July 2019

We’re all trying to be that little bit more sustainable at the moment. That’s lead to many investing in reusable coffee cups rather than the regular disposable ones we’re used to using then chucking away.

One company has gone one further. KaffeeForm, a brand based in Germany, doesn’t just make cups out of sustainable material – it makes cups from coffee grounds. Back in 2018, it won the Red Dot product design award for its innovation, and it has only grown since then.

A combination of coffee grounds, wood and “natural resins” is used to make the cups – around two or three cups of grounds per mug. The company works with local shops to get its grounds, so it is sustainable from the bottom up.

“As global coffee consumption is steadily growing, the coffee grounds that are basically waste, will be available en masse‘, said founder Julian Lechner in an interview last year.

“Kaffeeform uses these wasted resources to create a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to products based on mineral oils.”

You can check out KaffeeForm’s products here.

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