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These are the jobs that are more likely to get you a match on Tinder

Time to join the mile-high club

These are the jobs that are more likely to get you a match on Tinder

The selfie with the drugged up tiger hasn't done it. The David Bowie lyric quote isn't getting you any traction either.

Maybe you can improve the fortunes of your Tinder account with a change of job?

Three months ago, Tinder added the option for users to add their profession and place of education to their profiles. In addition to giving desperate swipers a new opening line ("So you're an accountant! That's... cool?"), it also gave the match making app the ability to monitor which professions gained the most matches. 

Based on information collected from US users, these are the most "successful" jobs for getting a right swipe.

10. College Student

He might have a mountain of debt and sleep in a room that hasn't been cleaned in two months, but he's not weighed down by the baggage of life.

9. Paramedic

"You might need to check my pulse, my heart beat just got irregular. No - that's not a chat up line. Seriously. I feel faint."

8. Model

Wait - models use Tinder? Why the hell are they allowed to use Tinder? They're models. The rest of us don't stand a chance.

7. Engineer

There's a joke in here about civil engineers and erecting structures, but we're not going to make it.

6. Teacher

Probably not geography teachers though. That's just colouring maps in with pencils, right?

5. TV/Radio personality

So long as they didn't work for the BBC in the Seventies/Eighties.

4. Doctor

Those five+ years of study are good for something at least. 

3. Fireman

Bonus marks if your name is Sam.

2. Entrepreneur/Founder

Code for: unemployed guy with an idea for an app, if he could just find the right backers. Pick well, and you could be dating the next Gates.

1. Pilot

Pilots? Seriously? A profession in which, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report, the average age is 50? Are there just a handful of youthful jetsetters cleaning up on Tinder, gaining matches as they soar around the skies of the US? Maybe the increased range over which they use the app presents their profile to a larger number of users? Perhaps there's an allure of joining the mile-high club with the man who should be flying the plane?

Bitter? Nah...

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