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These are the most-tweeted Emoji of 2015

these are the pictorial messages we've been obsessed with in 2015

These are the most-tweeted Emoji of 2015
07 December 2015

Twitter has released its annual review of 2015, documenting the most shared hashtags, retweets and topics of the year. 

"But what of the emoji?" you may well ask (this is the world we live in now). 

Revealed in the social media site's analysis of the year's trends, these are the pictorial messages we've been obsessed with in 2015.


A versatile little number, useful for scenarios in which you've just released your latest mix tape, need to reference the state of your love life or are experiencing difficulties in the kitchen.


You've got to hand it to them, it's a classic.

Face throwing a kiss

Yes - that really is the "official" name of this face. 

Today we learnt you could throw things with our lips. 


Again, one that we're surprised to see make it so high up the list, largely because we didn't know it existed.

The perfect emoji for reviewing the films of James Cameron.

Double heart emoji

We'll be honest, we didn't even know this was an option - but here it is, sitting in sixth position. 

Heart emoji

Helped hugely by the year's "National cardiology day", "International heart awareness day" and the continued appreciation of One Direction. 

Smiling eyes emoji

Making it in at four is the "smiling eyes" emoji - a face that's a little happier than a normal smile, but not quite joyful enough to warrant an opening of the mouth.

It's complicated stuff.

Loudly Crying

It turns out we're an emojinal bunch, given the third most-used emoji is this noisy chap.


Heart-eyed emoji

It seems we love to love. 

No word on what we've all been using this emoji in conjunction with though.

On a quick show of hands in the ShortList office, it's largely in response to pizza.

Face with tears of joy

The Oxford Dictionaries' official Word of the Year was also the most used emoji of Twitter in 2015.

We're gutted that our attempt to make "COL" a thing (Cry Out Loud) didn't catch on.