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These are the games we can't wait to play at E3

Thumbs at the ready

These are the games we can't wait to play at E3

The wireless chargers have been juiced. The energy drinks are on ice. E3 is all but upon us.

While we've discussed the games we hope will be at the event, to whip ourselves into something of a frenzy ahead of this year's Los Angeles event (14-16 June, but you knew that), we've compiled a quick break down of all the titles that developers and publishers have confirmed will be making an appearance (pending cancellations) in some form. 

These are the games we can't wait to get our thumbs around. 

The Legend of Zelda

A game we've been salivating over ever since it was announced back in 2013, The Legend of Zelda is the only game Nintendo will be bringing to this year's E3. From what we've seen of it to date, we're expecting huge dungeons, fiendish puzzles and a unique art style. 

While Nintendo has confirmed that the new title will arrive on both the Wii U and mysterious NX console, don't expect any new hardware to be shown off by the Japanese group. 

Titanfall 2

Big guns, bigger robots and ruddy massive swords.

That's all we can confirm about the sequel to the mech multiplayer title of 2014 - EA is remaining tight-lipped about the new shooter, but we're expecting big things. Because... well, bigger robots are better, right?

Battlefield 1

Futurism? That's so 2015. 

Rather than towing the line of setting its latest first-person shooter in some dystopian future, EA and DICE are going back to the roots of the Battlefield series, setting the new game in World War I.

Expect tanks, horses, flame throwers and a lot of mud. 

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Bigger empires. Progress boosters. More avenues for diplomacy (which you'll probably ignore in favour of crushing your mates with the new support units, right?).

The sixth entry in one of the greatest strategy series of all time, they're still coming up with new ideas for making world domination even more entertaining. 

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Want to become a tooled-up one-man army? Go for it. Prefer sneaking about sticking guards with something sharp and silent? Have a crack. No matter what path you choose, you'll end up looking like a total sci-fi ninja.

The sequel to 2011's hugely popular Human Revolution won't be messing with its superb formula. We'll let you know the coolest new augmentation options as soon as we get our hands on it. 

Dishonored 2

This French-made steampunk stealth game was one of our favourites of the last console generation - and things are shaping up nicely for its sequel.

There's more 'Chaos' this time around: the final sequences of the game will be hugely affected depending on whether you let targets you meet throughout the game live or die. To help you make up your mind, the all-seeing Heart returns, giving you additional insights into just how rotten the new world of Dishonored is. 

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The product of three years of hard graft from Infinity Ward (the studio behind the Modern Warfare series and Ghosts), Infinite Warfare looks to take the core, gritty elements of the Call of Duty franchise to a whole new world. Literally.

After the nations of Earth unified as the United Nations Space Alliance to colonize the solar system and seek out precious resources, a fanatical and relentless enemy faction emerged from those living on the frontier—the Settlement Defense Front. Now, the Settlement Defense Front has struck back at the UNSA and sparked full-scale war - from seeing you do battle on the surface of a war-torn future Earth to orbital combat in killer space ships. Brilliant.

Final Fantasy XV

And you thought you'd been waiting a long time for Zelda?

The bones of the latest Final Fantasy title were actually announced at E3 2006 - but it's undergone drastic changes from the action title dreamt up a decade ago. 

Expect massive monsters, even bigger hair and plenty of strange, emotional plot points that don't really make any sense unless you're used to playing Japanese video games. 

Halo Wars 2

While we've no idea if Halo 6 will receive a tease at this year's E3 (we'd put money on it getting some sort of CGI trailer), the series will be represented in sorts with a follow-up to its overlooked strategy spin-off, Halo Wars.

There's only been one teaser trailer so far, but we're looking forward to taking on the Brutes in another top-down, thinking-gamer's Halo outing. 

I Am Setsuna

We haven't moved on from the glory days of Japanese role playing games (JRPG): we'd give anything to tell our younger self not to sell Chrono Trigger at that car boot sale to raise funds for roller blades.

The legacy of retro JRPGs is plain to see in the early artwork of I Am Setsuna - a cute, beautiful role-playing title that'll see us building up a band of friends and using kick-ass magic. We can't wait. 

Mafia III

The mob are back. Which is actually a good thing (the last two games were great).

You play Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War veteran on a quest to seek revenge for his friends, who are murdered by local mobs. This sees you drive amazing old American cars sideways around a reimagined version of New Orleans, firing off shotguns for fun. Sign us up. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect games have a habit of being a bit massive and very good. So we're delighted to say that the new Mass Effect game is set to be even more massive, and probably very, very good.

Apparently we're going to get "more freedom" (though the last games were hardly restrictive), new aliens, new worlds, new weapons - just take everything from the last games and stick 'new' in front of it.