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These are the exclusive shows coming to YouTube Red

A new contender for the streaming crown

These are the exclusive shows coming to YouTube Red
04 February 2016

What’s YouTube Red?

No, YouTube aren’t about to start hosting pornography. A new subscription service, YouTube Red provides an "amplified video and music experience" across its desktop and mobile platforms, letting you watch videos without ads, use the app as a standalone music player and save videos for offline viewing.

Currently available in the US for $9.99 per month (£6.85), it's set to arrive in the UK later this year. 

In addition to the added features, Red users will gain access to some Original programmes - films, documentaries and TV shows funded by YouTube. 

What are the YouTube Red Original shows like?

On the basis of the following trailers, we'd say "Not for you."

Assuming "You" aren't a US-based teenager with a poster of a vlogger on your wall. 

Set to arrive 10 February, here are the trailers for the first of YouTube Red's exclusive shows.

Scare PewDiePie 

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg has only been making YouTube videos since 2010, yet he's amassed more money (and followers) than the average national broadcaster. 

This documentary sees the cheeky chappy subjected to a number of scary scenarios, all geared toward making him squeal like a rusty gate. 

It's probably not your thing.

Dance Camp

Following in the well eroded path of every dance film ever, Dance Camp sees a guy called Hunter turn up to a "dorky" summer dance camp, meet a girl and partner with her crew to take on Mexican drug cartel that are using some of the dancers to smuggle cocaine over th... nah, they have a dance competition.

A Trip to Unicorn Island

Lilly Singh is a Vlogger. Her YouTube channel Superwoman has 7.7 million subscribers. She acts, sings and dances. She's the modern evolution of the Blue Peter presenter.

In this 'movie', you're given behind-the-scenes access to Singh's tour of 30 cities around the world. It features no real unicorns. 

Lazer Team

A feature-length film from the talent of Rooster Teeth (they've been making comedy shorts for YouTube since 2006), Lazer Team is a sci-fi action comedy that feels a lot like it should star Seth Rogen or Jack Black.

"Four small-town losers stumble across an alien crash site containing an incredible battle suit". Hilarity attempts to ensue.