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These are the 8 actors lined up to play ‘young’ Han Solo

These are the 8 actors lined up to play ‘young’ Han Solo

These are the 8 actors lined up to play ‘young’ Han Solo
12 January 2016

The fateful eight.

According to reports, Disney has narrowed its search to play the young Han Solo in a forthcoming origins story from the thousands down to just eight names. 

So right now it’s a war between stars. A Star Wars, if you will - and lo and behold here's a guide to the runners and riders hoping to step into those famous shoes of the galaxy's biggest badass.

Read our guide and then scroll back up to vote for your favourite.


Miles Teller

Having bashed some drums about in award-winning indie Whiplash, could Teller follow it up with the biggest Solo of all? Don’t bet against it – precariously talented and driven, he’s one of the rawest talents in Hollywood. That said, he’d better hope Disney looks past his performance in the recent sci-fi flop Fantastic Four; not to mention this 'dickish' Esquire interview.

Pluses: Would jam well in space bands

Scott Eastwood

Son of Clint (but then his steely-glare and granite chin would already told you that), it must have felt like destiny repeating itself when 29-year-old Eastwood cemented his leading man status wearing a cowboy hat. Who cares if it came as a rodeo rider in recent romantic swoon-fest The Longest Ride – the film’s success has opened up some blockbuster roles for. You’ll soon see Eastwood in Oliver Stone’s Snowden and an as-yet-undisclosed character in DC's Suicide Squad.

Pluses: Genetic movie star looks

Dave Franco

At this point we shouldn’t be asking if Dave has emerged from his older sibling’s shadow, but asking if he’s now the biggest Franco on the block. His box office gross would suggest so, and having played a key part in some of the decade’s biggest chuckle-fests (Bad Neighbours, The Lego Movie, Superbad, the Jump Street franchise), his comedic aptitude and cocksure charm could well be why he’s in the running. Adept at firing off one-liners faster than Solo a laser at a Rodian bounty hunter, he's got to be up there...

Pluses: Gags aplenty

Ansel Elgort

Carving a niche for himself as the harmless love interest of schmaltzy teen flicks you never watch (The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns), Elgort does at least have experience working on a sci-fi blockbuster with the Divergent series. At just 21 years of age, making him five when The Phantom Menace was released, he's the youngest on this list.

Pluses: Would bring the tweens in

Jack Reynor

The high-brow among you may recognise Reynor for his role in Irish indie drama What Richard Did, or perhaps as Malcom in Justin Kurzel’s bloody good Macbeth. For those cinematic heathens, however, you'll known him as the racing car bloke who popped up in Transformers: Age of Extinction. Either way he’s got charm by the bucket load and isn't likely to be put off his line by the odd explosion.

Pluses: He'll be a dab hand with CGI characters

Blake Jenner

Arguably the least likely candidate to pilot the Millennium Falcon anytime soon. Best known for playing Ryder Lynn on Glee and more recently a love interest for the titular heroine of new series Supergirl, we’re starting to think he’s only been chosen because of his hair; but then what a do that is. Terrific work.

Pluses: A solid barnet

Logan Lerman

Getting his taste of an action franchise early, Lerman got his big break as the title role in the Percy Jackson films. Even so, the 23-year-old counts plenty of experience in grittier fare, including The Butterfly Effect,3:10 to Yuma, Fury and more recently Noah, playing one of the ark-builder’s sons. And if you consider all the animals he would have had to stow away, how hard can dealing with animatronic aliens be?

Pluses: He can bring the gravitas

Emory Cohen

A couple of places you may know this New Yorker from: 1) recently acclaimed drama Brooklyn, in which he played Tony, the love interest of Saoirse Ronan’s immigrant, 2) A Place Beyond The Pines, the 2012 drama where he played the hot-headed son of Bradley Cooper’s absent ex cop, 3) that dream you had predicting the next Han Solo and winning a fortune down the bookies. Good coincidence that.

Pluses: Would be able to handle himself in a bar fight on Tatooine