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These are the world's five best gins... according to the experts

Award-winning gins that turn juniper on its head? We're here for it.

These are the world's five best gins... according to the experts

When it comes to ranking gin, everyone's taste is different.

It's the reason why sometimes, just sometimes, it's best to pay attention to the experts (or at least give their suggestions a good ol' taste test).

So, when a group of the world's most highly regarded gin connoisseurs get together to dish out prizes at the 2024 International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), ShortList were all ears.

This year, 54 prized gins won Gold Medals at the IWSC competition, with only five top gins securing the highest award - the Double Gold.

The IWSC competition has become one of the world’s largest gin competitions in the world in recent years, capitalising on the boom in gin's popularity and the countless independent distilleries that have popped up around the globe.

The best of the bunch turned out to be a diverse mix, with BEG Boutique Distillery from Brazil among the world's top tipples.

Brazil? Gin? Yes, gin really has gone global.

Scoring 98 out of a possible 100, this 54% ABV New World Navy Dry Gin is worth travelling half way around the world for (or ordering online).

These are the world’s 5 best gins... according to the experts

A classic gin, with an exotic twist, this bottling comes direct from the Joaquim Egídio district of Campinas, São Paulo.

Flavour-wise, BEG it contains coriander, angelica root, lemon grass, Tahiti lime and sweet orange, for a totally refreshing finish.

One of ShortList's favourites, Ophir, a traditional English gin, also walked away with a gold, scoring an impressive 96 out of a possible 100 points.

It's flavourful, its spicy, and as the judges explained, it contains "delicious harmonious aromas of floral spice, cracked black pepper, and juniper, leading to a textured palate”.

Meanwhile, fans of Old Tom gin might just want to consider a Swedish hero in the form of Hernö Gin- and it's sustainable.

Claiming the Gold Outstanding award with 98/100 points, this smooth and crisp spirit weighs in at 43% ABV and blew the judges away.

Described as "an expressive herbaceous aroma leads to a full-bodied palate with a pleasant balance of citrus, pine, and angelica," this is a bottle worth sipping (and you can buy it here).

These are 5 of the world's best gins... according to the experts

As for the top scoring gin overall? Try Four Pillars' distinctively named Bloody Underhill Shiraz Gin out for size.

Scoring a triumphant 99/100 points in this year's competition, is Four Pillars Distillery in Australia took the top spot.

Barrel-Aged, this sprightly gin comes in at 41.8% ABV and is described as having a "warm, complex, and rich palate of cocoa, liquorice, and juniper, with hints of mint.

The judges added: "The levels of both sweetness and alcohol are perfectly judged. The length is good and the finish persistent."

Now, we'll try that with a dash of tonic.

And last but not least, let's not forget Vinha Alta which comes direct from Portugal, scoring an impressive 96/100 for its efforts.

Balancal Wine Barrel Rested Gin is a little stronger than some of the other gin offerings, weighing in at 49.8% ABV.

"An elegant and savoury nose with elements of resin soap and sweet cardamom spice," says the judges, adding that "Caraway and fennel come through on the finish, which add complexity and provides an interesting, lingering finish."

Other gins making the Gold medal cut include Garage 22 Prague Distillery in the Czech Republic, a feisty 42% ABV Fiesta Gin and Strange Nature Distilling's 44% ABV offering direct from New Zealand.

These are the world’s 5 best gins... according to the experts

Prague's Garage 22 is a micro-distillery located in, you guessed it, Prague.
Forming part of the country's burgeoning craft spirits scene, this gin is a must for those looking to try something a little different.
Innovative in its approach to distillation, this variety contains a host of Czech-sourced botanicals and tropical fruits like mango and pineapple for a decidedly different finish.

You can check out the full list of results here.