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More than 32,000 people are going to "Theresa May's leaving drinks"

"Gonna be a messy one. Boris has put his card behind the bar"

More than 32,000 people are going to "Theresa May's leaving drinks"

The Red Lion in Westminster is going to be rammed to the rafters on 30 June if this Facebook event is anything to go by – because more than 32,000 people are currently down to attend “Theresa May’s Leaving Drinks”, with a further 65,000 “interested”.

Obviously every single one of these people is very keen to thank Theresa for her excellent service during her short time as PM, and while it’s far from confirmed that she will actually be leaving the post, they feel that after doing such a great job in last week’s election, she deserves a nice break.

The event description reads: “It has been a difficult year for Theresa as PM. Let's all give her a happy send off.

“If the page just mysteriously disappears then please arrive in the evening at the venue which was on the page at the time of disappearance.”

There's been a lot of interest in Theresa May's "leaving drinks"

The event was set up by Mark Stott, who told The Metro he was “absolutely delighted” by the election result, and added: “I would also like to say that I think any ‘neutral’ observer of what has happened this week must appreciate how poetic this has been,’ he said.

“To see someone so arrogant who wanted to destroy their opposition be absolutely humiliated, and to lose on their own terms so badly, is just pure Schadenfreude!”

Some of the comments on the event are also as good as you’d expect. “Gonna be a messy one. Boris has put his card behind the bar”, wrote Saad Aljabar.

“I believe the doctors, nurses, firemen, police, teachers, homeless, students and pensioners will all join in with the celebrations and give her the send off she deserves”, added Jayne Brown.

And Anne Sobek said: “Wouldn't miss it for anything I'll bring my pet fox”.

Someone's looking happy...

Theresa May will continue to try to cobble together a government today, as she seeks the support of Northern Irish anti-abortion, anti-gay rights party the DUP.

Over the weekend Downing Street sent out a statement to say that they believed an agreement had been reached, only for it to turn out they had released the wrong statement, and a deal had yet to be made.

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn believes he can still become prime minister, vowing to vote down any Queen’s speech put forward by May, and to thwart her attempts to make a minority government work.

Don’t bet against there being yet another election before the year is out...