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Watch Theresa May completely mess up a Mexican wave at the England game last night

To be fair, the Prime Minister is more of a rugby fan....

Watch Theresa May completely mess up a Mexican wave at the England game last night

Theresa May has had a rough couple of days.

The Prime Minister lost the Conservative Party’s majority in the most recent election, there’s rumblings of dissent over a future sponsored_longform with the DUP, and all of her old enemies are crawling out the woodwork saying she’ll be out of a job soon.

It’s all been a bit stressful for Theresa; so when the chance came to chill out and watch the football in Paris with French PM Emmanuel Macron, we imagine she leapt at the chance.  

A bit of football, away from London and the stress of Westminster. What could possibly go wrong?

This. This could go wrong.

Yes, that’s Theresa May doing a Mexican Wave as it goes round the Stade Francis. 

Badly. Very very badly. Two seconds too late badly. 

Needless to say, it went down pretty well on social media….

Everyone had jokes.


Forget the fact England lost 3-2 to a young French side that already look like champions in waiting, it was the Mexican Wave that everyone was talking about.

It gets even better when you see the photo of the Prime Minister mid-wave.

Especially when you zoom in on the background characters...

Less than three seconds of footage, and so much to enjoy...

Harry Kane now has 10 goals in five games, but we all care about the Mexican wave

A few people even pointed out how a certain other politician is a massive football fan...

And of course there was the wheat field stuff.

Our favourite joke? Got to be Labour MP David Lammy's...