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Theresa May is now officially more unpopular than Donald Trump

Step aside Donald, you're no longer public enemy number one

Theresa May is now officially more unpopular than Donald Trump

Look, the election may not have gone exactly how Theresa May envisaged it, but you cannot say she didn’t achieve something from seven weeks of campaigning.

Granted, it’s not really the achievement she was looking for, but it’s hugely impressive nonetheless, and not something that anyone really thought was possible.

She is now, officially, more unpopular than Donald Trump.

Yes, that’s right. The most unpopular president in living memory is now more popular than the UK Prime Minister. Fair play Theresa, you have smashed it out of the park.

Donald Trump’s latest approval ratings, released on his 71st birthday on Wednesday, showed him polling at just 36%.

But new figures released by YouGov show that Theresa May’s rating has now collapsed to just 29%.

Almost two thirds of people have an ‘unfavourable’ opinion of her, leading to a net approval of -34, while Jeremy Corbyn’s ratings have leapt up to 46%, with as many people having a favourable opinion of him as unfavourable, an incredible turnaround from the start of the election campaign, when he was languishing on -42. She is also now more unpopular than the Conservative party as a whole.

Astonishingly, this might not even be the nadir for May, given the criticism she is currently receiving for her visit to the scene of the Grenfell Towers disaster and her failure to speak to any of the people affected. Has anyone ever reached a 0% approval? We could be about to find out.

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