Theresa May is right, Cadbury removing the word Easter from their egg hunts is a national outrage - even though they haven't

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Alex Finnis

Theresa May is right, it’s “absolutely ridiculous” that Cadbury and the National Trust have decided to drop the word Easter from this year’s Easter Egg hunt.

The Easter Egg hunt is a tradition dating back thousands of years – in fact, all the way back to Jesus Christ himself.

His disciples were all freaking their nuts about the whole “returning from the dead” thing, so he decided to calm their nerves and bring a bit of banter back to the gang by buying and hiding a bunch of small chocolate eggs across Jerusalem for them to find.

It was a joyful occasion which you can read all about in the Bible.

Jesus distributing the eggs at the first ever Easter Egg hunt

This is why it is so vital that our Prime Minister has decided to speak out on this important issue – an issue which surely takes precedence over anything else that may be happening in the UK right now – and we must join her in calling on both Cadbury and the National Trust to hang their heads in shame.

Just look at this website Cadbury have created for the egg hunt, The word “Easter” is nowhere to be seen. It makes me sick.

The word Easter is nowhere to be seen, and it's despicable

This makes me sick

And now look at the National Trust’s site. They’re a British institution, and yet they cannot even bring themselves to use the word “Easter” to promote their egg hunt. Doesn’t it just make you want to shit your pants with rage?

Where's the word Easter? I know I can't see it

I for one am glad that our Prime Minister has decided to take a stand and try to put an end to this madness once and for all. It thrills me that she has decided to take time out from focusing on such frivolous issues as declaring war on Spain to clearly fact-check this issue and make a bold statement for all the public to hear.

Bravo, Theresa! You’re the strong leader we need in this troubling time.