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Here are the best tweets about Theresa May's huge Brexit defeat

If you can't laugh, what do you have left?

Here are the best tweets about Theresa May's huge Brexit defeat
16 January 2019

So, after all the bluster, talk, threats and promises, Theresa May lost her Brexit vote by a record margin of 230 - and people thought the Prime Minister wasn’t capable of breaking new ground.

No government motion has ever lost by more, and the outcome has largely left us in a position of not really having a clue what happens next.

Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn has tabled a vote of no confidence in the government, meaning most of today’s updates could well be out of date almost immediately so, in the meantime, we might as well bask in some of the best tweets from a busy evening and a busier morning after.

If you were looking for signs of the state of the country ahead of the vote, this won’t have made for promising reading

And, well, here’s your context

You want more context, do you? Fine

At least it provided a set-up for some bad jokes

Some really bad jokes

It’s almost as if the vote was a bad idea…

We should have known, really

Suddenly there was a suggestion things were looking a little better for Corbyn

’Better’ is always relative, though

You have to take the positives, though

Yes, ‘positives’

And if that fails, you can always pretend it was a big joke

And if that fails, there’s always a Plan B

Still, this is definitely progress, right? Right?

At least one of the big questions was finally answered

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