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There's now a dating app for cows

Breaking moos

There's now a dating app for cows
12 February 2019

There are now dating apps for pretty much every possible niche. There are the regular ones, sure, and spicier versions just for hookups. But there are also sites that connect you with people with similar jobs to you, apps exclusively for people who went to private school, apps for people who are mega-rich and those who want to date them. Whoever you are and whatever you like, chances are that there’s a dating app out there for you. 

And now…there’s a dating app…for cows.

Yes, you read that right: for cows. 

’Tudder’, as the app is called, was created by farming startup Hectare in attempt to “reinvent farm trading and make farmers’ lives easier”. 

Some cows who may or may not be in love, it’s hard to say

Much like Tinder, farmers (or cows, I guess, if they have access to an iPhone) simply look through pictures of bulls and cows and swipe left or right depending on how interested they are. 

Aside from being, as chief executive Doug Bairner says, “a bit of fun” and a chance for farmers to “play the role of moo-pid”, the app actually does have a purpose – matching livestock in order to breed. 

This sometimes involves organising the transport of animals over hundreds of miles, so can often be a slightly tricky endeavour – which Tudder hopes it can make a little bit easier. 

Considering how much Tinder itself already feels like a meat market, we think Tudder’s a breath of fresh air. Udderly charming.

(Image: Unsplash)