There’s a petition for David Attenborough to rename himself Boaty McBoatface


Of course this was going to happen.

Days after the announcement that the will of the people had been ignored when it came to naming a £200m Polar research ship, the people have risen up to demand that democracy should prevail.

After it was announced that the new ship would be named in honour of Sir David Attenborough - who actually came fifth in a much-discussed public vote - a petition has been started to request that he change his name to the runaway winner of the poll: Boaty McBoatface.

Minister for science and technology Jo Johnson announced on Friday that the vessel would bear the name of the legendary scientist and nature presenter, but also revealed that the Boaty McBoatface name would also be represented, on a remotely operated undersea vehicle that would work alongside the main ship.

However, for Gary Jackson, this is not enough, so he set up the cheeky petition which would result in both Attenborough - the man - being honoured, and justice to be done.

It's already attracted 3,000 signatures and a range of excellent comments:

Will Sir David change bow to public pressure? You just never know...

(He definitely won't).

(Image: Rex)