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The world's ugliest dog dies

Her life in pictures

The world's ugliest dog dies
15 March 2012

There you were going along your regular Thursday, enjoying the countdown to the weekend and all of a sudden BAM!, this happens.

We hate to be the ones to tell you this but Yoda, the winner of 2011's ugliest dog contest, has sadly passed away. The 15-year-old mix of Chinese crested and Chihuahua died in her sleep late last week.

She had a tough life, living on the streets until she was found by Terry Schumacher. He originally mistook her for a rat (hey, stop laughing back there) but soon welcomed the unconventional pet into his life. And boy, what a life they shared.

After scooping the World's Ugliest Dog trophy last summer, along with $1,000, they also went on the chat show circuit, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where she received a glamourous makeover.

Here's Yoda in one of her happier moments:

(Images: Getty)