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The World's Smartest Suitcase

The World's Smartest Suitcase

The World's Smartest Suitcase
23 October 2014

Your socks. Your camera. The plane tickets. There's always something you forget to pack - and the Bluesmart suitcase isn't going to do a thing to help you find your passport. Sorry. 

But this glowing carry-on case is far, far more intelligent than the average piece of hand luggage. In addition to packing your questionable trunks and flipflops, the Bluesmart packs a glut of smartphone-controlled features. Instead of that tiny impractical suitcase key you lose after the second trip, there's a digitally controlled lock, allowing you to unlock your case via an accompanying app (don't worry, there's a physical key should you forget your pin).

A location tracker helps you track down your bag should an airline fudge your transfer - and it'll give your phone a nudge should you leave it behind at the hotel. An in-built digital scale helps you having to perform the grossly inaccurate ritual of weighing your luggage on the bathroom scales.

But what if your phone runs out of battery? Are all your possessions locked away until you find a charge point? They've thought of that too, with an in-built charging station giving your phone and laptop a full lick of power. The only thing it won't do is book you a cab to pick you up from the airport. 

Currently available for around £165 on Indiegogo, we're pretty certain airport security are going to have a heart attack when you put this through the x-ray machine.