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The world's first naturally black gin is here but you can't have it just yet

It's colour-changing, too.

The world's first naturally black gin is here but you can't have it just yet
Holly Pyne
24 September 2019

Forget pink gin, there’s a new gin on the market: black gin.

A New Zealand company, Scapegrace, has created a black gin, made with completely natural ingredients. Apparently, it’s the combination of botanicals and the perfect temperature that give it its colour (and just in time for Halloween, too). Not sure you want a drink something that looks like its come straight out of Hocus Pocus? No problem, because when you add tonic to the gin, it turns from black to the more normal(ish) shades of red and purple. Though if you’re paying NZ$79.95 for a bottle, you want great taste as well as the fun colour-changing element. So, taste wise; the 41.6% gin contains botanicals such as Aronia Berry, Saffron, and Butterfly Pea. Those botanicals are followed by a candied sweet potato and pineapple finish and according to its makers, “the mouth feel is luxurious, velvety and ridiculous delicious”. There’s one small problem; it’s already sold out. Scapegrace have said they are “pretty chuffed” with the response to the new gin, but they are “working hard to get new batches out there ASAP”. So keep an eye on the distillery's website for any updates on the next release. For now, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a bottle, Scapegrace suggest serving it with tonic and to garnish with two slices of Granny Smith.
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