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The world's first foldable phones are nearly here

Smartphones are set to change

The world's first foldable phones are nearly here
10 June 2016

Not much has changed in the world of smartphones lately.

Sure, the screens have got bigger, cases have got thinner and selfies are easier to take then ever before - but most handsets are the same five-inch slab of glass. We fancy something... different.

But that's about to change

It's something the tech industry is all too aware of: Samsung recently promised us bendy smartphones in 2017, while Lenovo has gone and actually shown us what theirs will look like. 

Lenovo took to the stage of their Techworld conference (catchy, eh?) to show off their working concepts of the C+ and Folio.

The C+

The C+ is a folding smartphone: unfolded, it presents a sizeable working touch screen. When you're done updating your Facebook status/stalking your ex, rather than stowing it in your pocket, you can bend it around your wrist - where it doubles as a smartwatch.

The Folio

The Folio is more of a bend tablet: folded, it's a five-inch smartphone with an interactive edge not unlike the Samsung Galaxy Edge. When you unfold it, the screen doubles in size, becoming a handy tablet.

Lenovo claims that both the screens and the internals of the devices are bendable - which while impressive, makes the current concepts frighteningly expensive. They just won't say how expensive, but it wouldn't be the sort of money you'd want to wear on your wrist. 

Expected to arrive in the next year, it'll be going head to head with Samsung's folding devices. Your move, Apple.