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The world's 10 craziest burgers

The world's 10 craziest burgers

The world's 10 craziest burgers
18 June 2015

If you're an enthusiastic carnivore or you at least take a healthy interest in the food world, you'll be aware that burgers have graduated from fast food to haute cuisine in recent years.

It's no longer acceptable to throw any old lump of beef onto a bun and call it quits. Okay so that was never okay but you get what we're saying. While many burgers have experimented and experimented well, some have taken things a bit too far...

Just like Burger King Japan, who have just unveiled a rather interesting effort below, available in select restaurants from 6 July. So to mark this bizarre fast food offering, here we present the world's 10 craziest burgers.

Burger King Japan's Red Burger

After weirding customers out with the bun that looked far too burnt (see further down), Burger King Japan's latest oddity is bright red. Available in beef and chicken, even if it does stick out too far, diners will even find themselves faced with red cheese - which we can't promise won't taste like accidentally eating the plastic wrapper on a Babybel - but it does look cool. Stranger still, the dish also comes with ‘angry sauce’: a red-hot mix of chilli peppers and paste which is sure to turn your face the same colour.

The burger with 1,000 slices of cheese

Over in Japan, Burger King has a genuinely demented rule which allows you to super-size your burger to your artery-clogged heart's content. So of course, some cheese-loving locals decided to buy a Whopper with 1,000 slices of cheese and film the frankly disturbing results. All 95,000 calories of it.

The fried gravy burger

While in the UK, gravy is typically used with hushed reverence on roast dinners, over in the US it's given a worryingly free reign. But even Americans would surely be a little unsettled with this creation from Weiner and Still Champion, a fast food mecca in Illinois. The burger contains your regular patty and a horrifying portion of chicken gravy, breaded in seasoned flour and then deep-fried. There are no words but if there were, they'd be appalled or shocked.

The Douche burger

After the Guinness World Record for the world's most expensive burger was handed to Le Burger Extravagant, the $295 creation from Serendipity 3 in New York, the 666 Burger Food Truck decided to out-do them as soon as humanly possible. They created The Douche Burger, which costs $666 and contains a Kobe patty, stuffed with foie gras and wrapped in gold leaf with caviar, lobster and truffles piled on top. It also contains Gruyere melted with Champagne steam and a BBQ sauce made using Kopi Luwak coffee, one of the world's most expensive coffees. Even though it was ultimately a joke, one person actually bought it. True fact.

The lasagna burger

Intent on making a burger that involved yet another fattening dish, the guys at Dude Foods created this stomach-busting mash-up. The patty contains ground beef and ground Italian sausage and it's topped with mozzarella cheese, lasagna sheets, tomato sauce and some ricotta cheese. It's like no-one learned anything from the Lasandwich.

Juicy's 777lb burger

Now, we're not one for skimping on portion size but lines have to be drawn. This monstrous record-breaker from Juicy's Outlaw Grill weighed 777lbs, contained 10lbs of mustard, 10lbs of mayonnaise, 12lbs of pickles, 20lbs of onions and 20lbs of lettuce. It may very well kill you but what a way to go...

Les Hambur goûts

The poshest burger on the list may also be the dumbest. At the Chalet Regain in France, Les Hambur "goûts" takes everything you love about a burger and then makes it really really complicated. So you take off the cylinder of greens and then you have a spherical jug of thin tomato sauce inside the bun which you pour into the burger, along with another topping of choice in a separate cup. By which time you'll have worked off the calories you're about to ingest. Almost.

The Dark Vador Burger

To coincide with the 3D release of Phantom Menace, French fast food chain Quick decided to release a special burger. Now normally this wouldn't be of note but it rapidly became an international phenomenon. Why? Because it has a black bun. A black bun. Thankfully it was just dyed rather than burned or flavoured with evil. So they claimed.

The quadruple bypass burger

If you like to live life in the fast lane but you're still not brave enough for anything genuinely dangerous then this calorific feast is the meal you've been looking for. The Heart Attack Grill (clue) is a Las Vegas eatery that pushes an 8,000 calorie meal featuring a burger with four half-pound patties, cheese and bacon. The good news: if you're over 350lbs, you eat for free. Stay classy guys.

The test tube burger

Okay so this isn't actually an edible burger just yet but by October, it worryingly will be. Crazed scientist Mark Post was keen to create "ethical meat" by turning stem cells into meat. It's a lengthy process but he hopes to have the first burger ready soon at the totally reasonable cost of just £220,000. Good news for the environment. Bad news for burger-lovers existing within the environment.

(Image: PA)