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Black Velvet Royale


GUINNESS, (so good you have to spell their name in caps) has partnered with culinary alchemists, Bompas & Parr to create this sophisticated new cocktail, and it's perfect for St Patrick's Day (March 17). A unique twist on the classic Black Velvet cocktail, the Black Velvet Royale (not with cheese, Samueal L Jackson fans) consists of GUINNESS, champagne and a splash of cassis.

As part of the innovation process, Bompas and Parr effectively identified four crucial flavour release agents that truly enhance the flavours of GUINNESS meaning this beauty delivers a sophisticated taste sensation that teases out the caramel and chocolate flavours.

GUINNESS. Is there anything it can't do?


• 1 part Guinness

• 1 part Champagne

• Splash of Cassis (to taste)

• Serve in a Champagne Flute


1) Firstly, make sure all the ingredients are well chilled.

2) Open up a can of Guinness and take the cap off the bottle of Cassis

3) Start by mixing the Cassis with the Guinness in a separate glass to increase the density of the Guinness

4) Get a Champagne flute out of the cupboard

5) Slowly pour the Guinness/Cassis down the side of the champagne flute until it half fills the glass

6) Now, grab the chilled bottle of Champagne out of the fridge

7) Top the Guinness and Cassis up with champagne poured over a bar spoon

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