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The top spam-sending countries

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The top spam-sending countries

The word spam brings up plenty of bad feelings. Not only is it an unidentified meat that was forced down our throats as children but it's also the reason why we turn off instant email alerts on our phones.

So wouldn't it be nice to have someone or some people to blame for all of those annoying penis enlargement suggestions and requests for unbelievable amounts of money?

Well, you're in luck. A new report from Sophos, an internet security firm, has highlighted the worst countries for sending out unwanted emails. Altogether, these nine countries were responsible for 60% of worldwide spam between January and March this year.

So here they all are, with the amount of international spam they are responsible for:

9. Pakistan - 3.3%

8. Poland - 3.9%

7. Brazil - 4.3%

6. Italy - 4.9%

4=. Russia - 5%

4=. Indonesia - 5%

3. South Korea - 5.7%

2. USA - 8.3%

1. India - 9.3%

Although email marketing spam has actually decreased so far this year, the number of targeted attempts to spread malware or obtain private information is worryingly on the up. So just in case you're looking to get some cheap medication from an untrusted source, think again.

(Image: Rex Features)