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The tablet revolution

Feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

The tablet revolution

Oral supplements can revitalise your skin and hair when used alongside your daily grooming regime.

(Photography: Max Oppenheim)

Tan Optimiser

£40.80 for a two-month supply by IMEDEEN;

Melanin, the skin’s tanning pigment, is stimulated to promote a natural tan.

Skin Clear Supplements

£68 for a 30-day supply by PERRICONE MD;

Boosts the immune system and gives anti-oxidant protection.


£40.80 for a one-month supply by IMEDEEN;

Slows down the ageing process of fine lines, wrinkles and thin, dry skin.


£21.90 for an 18-day supply by KERASTASE; 0800-316 4400

Capsules and tablets work to protect hair and increase its thickness and density.

Deep Drainage

£26.60 for a 30-day supply by ELEMIS;

Herbal capsules designed to be taken as part of a body-cleansing programme.

Wellman Skin Technology

£17.30 for a 60-day supply by VITABIOTICS WELLMAN;

Vitamin and mineral mix lends a healthy complexion.

Afternoon Energy

£40 for 30 doses by DAVID KIRSCH;

Two afternoon capsules help to increase energy, and fight stress and depression.


£46 for a 30-day supply by ANTHONY;

Powergrape slows skin-cell ageing and vitamins A and D2 optimise skin healing.

Trimming & Toning

£87 for a 30-day supply by FUNCTIONALAB at HARVEY NICHOLS; 020-7235 5000

A personalised programme to boost workout results.